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Text Appearance

This article describes how you can customize the text sizing and visual effects in Ataccama ONE.

High contrast theme

Only power users have access to this feature.

To increase visual contrast and improve legibility, you can apply the Ataccama high contrast theme, which uses more intense highlights of the Ataccama theme colors.

To do this, go to Organization > Theme. The theme is applied immediately after selecting. For more information, see Color Themes.


Scaling text

Ataccama ONE supports text scaling in browsers to increase legibility. Set the preferred font size in your browser appearance settings and the text will be automatically resized to fit your needs.

Google Chrome

Go to Settings > Appearance > Font size and adjust the sizing.

Google Chrome font size settings

Microsoft Edge

Go to Settings > Appearance > Font size and adjust the sizing.

Microsoft edge font size settings

Apple Safari

Select Make Text Bigger/Smaller in View settings or use Option-Command-+/- on your keyboard.

Mozilla Firefox

Go to Settings > General > Language and Appearance and adjust the sizing.

Mozilla Firefox settings

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